The ethos of HRM is to facilitate organisations in their work to bring a sustainable approach to development to the region, in a safe and secure manner. It is key for HRM to do this from a locally-driven perspective, ensuring that jobs and the economy surrounding the sector are delivered back to the local communities in which HRM’s projects operate.


HRM can provide professionally trained Special Protection Unit (SPUs) and a first-aid trained national and international Close Protection Officers (CPOs), depending on what the client requires.

Logistics & Armoured Vehicles

HRM has a number of fully-equipped, B6 armoured vehicles able to operate across various regions of Somalia and Somaliland. Procurement, storage and freight travel are also services which can be provided.

Static Guarding

HRM has a proven capability of providing static guarding services for various compounds and international organisations with operations in Somaliland and Somalia. This includes all hiring and vetting processes, training and management of the guard force.

Secure Accommodation with Full Life Support

HRM provides low-profile, secure, comfortable and homely accommodation in Mogadishu, Puntland and other locations within Somalia; lunch is always something to look forward to. We also have a ‘no waste’ policy with leftover food being given to people in need. Personal protective equipment, communications equipment and safe rooms are key to any successful secure accommodation facility in Somalia; further details available on request.