Who we are

Horn Risk Management (HRM) was born in Hargesia to meet the needs of commercial clients’ intent on developing commercial enterprises in the region.

HRM now operates throughout eastern Africa, and we offer a wide range of services on land and at air to support and enable our client base. Our holistic approach to security is based on prevention with the ability to react when and where needed. Through our proactive approach, we support the Corporate Social Responsibility requirements of our clients. HRM is able to advise on how to plan and develop Key Stakeholder Engagement Plans in order that clients can conduct themselves appropriately in their chosen operating environment in a way that benefits their surrounds and the local community.

We focus on the delivery of onshore security, security risk management, crisis management services. We deliver risk solutions across Eastern and Central Africa. Crises will come and go, clients will complete their projects and governments will change, yet we will continue to offer world-class solutions for our clients’ risks.

Our staff combine a wide-ranging set of skills with complete integrity and confidentiality. Their experience working with international businesses and organizations is matched by their familiarity with working in the region in sometimes unstable, remote or difficult environments, on land, in the air, at sea or in cyberspace. From market entry and project start-up, through project delivery and on to the exit strategy, we support our clients all the way, helping them navigate change and adversity in some of the world’s most fast developing emerging economies.

Our clients come from both the public and private sector and include large multi-nationals across a range of sectors including those involved in resource exploration, banking, telecoms, construction and logistics. We also support governments from a number of countries both inside and from outside the region and their agencies, along with the United Nations and other international bodies.

HRM has solid and long-standing relationships with regional logistics, marine and aviation partners, and regional commercial and political risk analysts, all of whom are skilled and experienced operators in East Africa. We also retain strong relationships with governments and regional non-governmental bodies working throughout the region.