Static guarding

HRM has the ability to provide both armed and unarmed guards, ensuring all required training is undertaken including rules of force, access control, first aid and client interaction.

HRM has a proven capability of providing static guarding services for various compounds and international organisations with operations in Somaliland, Puntland and Somalia. This includes all hiring and vetting processes, training and management of the guard force.

HRM provides the security for various international organisations across multiple regions in Somalia and Somaliland, where the threat levels are between medium to very high. HRM maintains a dedicated and professional static guarding force across the Horn, ensuring consistent security through rigorous training in access control, conflict de-escalation, first aid, public interaction, and respect for human rights.

As of late 2019, HRM began to implement the use of biometric systems at a number of the compounds. This system uses fingerprint scanners to clock guards in and out of their shifts, guaranteeing proper recording of attendance and an ease of use in regard to the payroll.

When providing a guard force, HRM can take responsibility for all required aspects of mobilisation and implementation. This includes recruitment, vetting, procurement, basic training including first aid, provision of standard operating procedures (SOPs) ongoing training, continuous professional development and payroll systems.