Logistics & Enabling Services

Project Tracking, Management & Response

The Horn Risk Management Operations Team provides us and our clients with a full range of operational support services from our Regional Analysis and Operations Centre in Hargesia. This Centre is staffed around the clock and supports our staff, consultants and our clients in the field and in the air.

Tracking & Journey Management

Horn Risk Management offers a wide range of tracking services to clients. At the most inexpensive end of the spectrum we offer solutions that use a GSM phone based app to track and monitor individuals. At the top end of the spectrum we offer hard wired vehicle tracking systems that can track via GSM or satellite.

These systems monitor fuel consumption, seatbelts, door locks and vehicle speeds as well as create an alarm should the vehicle enter into a predesignated “out of bounds area” or exceed a predesignated speed limit.

Horn Risk Management operational personnel are all issued with tracking devices whilst on task. This enables us to track our personnel and respond rapidly as an organization in the event of an incident.

Tracking enables Horn Risk Management to provide a rapid, focused response to security incidents as well as the ability to monitor vehicle speed and locations which is useful from a HSE stand point. Tracking systems can be used to identify fuel theft as well as offering other monitoring options.

Project Management

Our Operations Team manage our consultants on projects or in the field with clients, passing and receiving information and updates both on the project itself and on the prevailing security situation in their project area. Horn Risk Management consultants will work closely with you to enable your organization or business to explore opportunities in relative safety in remote or high threat environments.

Emergency Response

In times of emergency our Operations Team is there to support our clients with information, response options and consultants ready for deployment. Our network of logistics providers, stringers and local administration networks enable our consultants to deploy rapidly to support a client in a time of crisis or uncertainty. Our consultants are highly experienced and can help resolve a situation before it escalates. This can save time, money and may reduce the risk of injury, unexpected cost, reputational damage or other undesirable consequences of an incident.

Many of our clients have benefited from our quick, well- informed and experienced response to their security incident.